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Thornapple River

Rolling Pin


2 3/8” diam. X 7” roller


3/4”x 17” handle with grips


For rolling side seams, soles and setting glued joints


Also works well for rolling out homemade noodles


$110 + $15 S&H

Plastic Crimping Board


Will be fitted with crimping screw bushings if boards are ordered with crimping screws


Can be made to your style of board


Regular style and two or three board style for  Wellington


Regular $115 pr. +$10 S&H


Wellington $110 per front board &$55 for the back board + S&H

Crimping Screws


Aluminum anvil and cap


Helicoil steel threads

 installed in the anvil


Brass bushing/bearing for

inserting in crimping boards



$85 pr. +$7 S&H

Awl Hafts


Individually turned from kiln dried hard maple or Dymondwood®


Ferrule is turned from solid bronze


Maple haft $30 + $2 S&H



Dymondwood® haft


$40 + $2 S&H



Haft can be made to your design



Inseaming and Pegging Awls


Can be individually custom made to your actual size drawing


Handmade one at a time  .


Heat treated tool steel


Inseaming Awl $22 +$1 S&H


Pegging Awl $8 + $1 S&H

Saddlemaker’s Awl and Haft

Haft is the same as above.


The awl is factory made, the only item on these web pages that is not made in our shop.


With maple haft $37 + $1 S&H


With Dymondwood® Haft $47 +$1 S&H



Made in USA

All parts for the tools are made and assembled in our shop except the awl for the saddlers awl and haft which are purchased from the factory.


References of boot and shoemakers that use my tools are available upon request.


Shipping and handling prices are good for the continental USA only.


If you have any questions please call, write or email.

Used  Shoe & Boot Lasts more styles available


Make a pair of shoes on trial lasts so you know what you are getting.

If you like the lasts pay for them and if not just send the unaltered pair of lasts back.


$25 a pair + shipping and handling            

Great tools help make great footwear

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