If you are looking for quality boot and shoemaking tools or wood pen-pencil desk sets you have come to the right place.


We specialize in only making the finest boot and shoe making tools and wood pen and pencils with the discriminating user in mind.


All products are made in our

small shop on  the Thornappple River  in northern Wisconsin .


Custom sizing is available for most items because all parts are made and assembled  ’in house’.


We have the time to talk about the boot and shoemaking tools and pen and pencils that  will best serve your needs.  No reason to spend money on something you can’t use.


Your satisfaction is our priority

Beautiful Thornapple River

One of a kind wood turned gifts

 Wood Pens pencils & etc.

Boot and Shoemaking Tools

Great tools help make great footwear

Thornapple River Boots


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Ladysmith, WI  54848


Thornapple River Boots

Your satisfaction is our priority

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Sit-down Inseaming  Stand

Curved Awl & Haft

Spalted Maple Desk Set